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Magnetic Wave Transmission of Drug Effects About biological signal transfer received and measured in Yeast

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 2 ]


Johannes A. Ebbers*   Pages 132 - 133 ( 2 )


Background: Ubiquitous naturally occurring longitudinal magnetic waves may serve as a carrier for biological signal transfer.

Material and Method: Scalar waves were generated by Meyl`s Experimental Scalar Wave Kit. An experimental model was developed to study the signal transfer of an antifungal drug to yeast colonies. Yeast colonies were cultivated on agar plates at a constant cultivation temperature of 28°C.

Result and Conclusion: In a series of experiments, we were able to show that the mere information transfer of an antifungal substance (clotrimazole) leads to a statistically significant reduction of yeast colony growth. Same was true for a homeopathic potency and a digitalized clotrimazole information. Implications for pharmaceutical treatment and unwanted drug side effects are discussed. An experimental confirmation of these findings would coincide with a wide range of practical applications.


Biological signal transmission, information transfer, yeast, unwanted pharmaceutical side effects, magnetic wave.


ENT-Department, Medical Center, Akazientr.1, D-52353 Dueren

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