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A Grayscale Image Hiding Encode Scheme for Secure Transmission


Narmatha C*, P Manimegalai and S. Manimurugan   Pages 1 - 6 ( 6 )


Background: To transmit the secret data are in a secure manner or to prevent the intruder/ third party activities while transmitting secret data’s through the public networks are challenging task now. In order to deal with these situations, this paper presents an encryption/encoding technique of MSI (Modified Steganography for Image) for secret data before transmitting over the network. Methods: The MSI technique is classified into two phases, one is stegano image creation by encode process and another one is reconstructing the secret data from the stegano image by decode process. In encode process, the grayscale cover and secret images are considering as an input. In addition, segregation, 8-bit binary conversion, substitution and decimal conversion processes are doing a vital role in hiding the secret image into a cover image. The MSI encoded stegno image is almost equal to the cover image and it's not an easy to identify by the Human Visual Attack (HVA). Results & Conclusion: To evaluate the proposed MSI encoding process the time, signal to noise ratio, complexity and strength are considering as the parameters. In result, the MSI encode technique is providing good reconstruction image quality, strong against the pixel attack and HVA, less execution time than the conventional schemes.


Secret Image, Cover Image, Image Hiding, Pixel Substitution, Pixel ConversioSecret Image, Pixel Conversion


Karpagam Academy of Higher Education (Deemed to be University), ECE, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Department of Electronics and Communications, Faculty of Computers and Information Technology University of Tabuk, Department of Computer Engineering

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