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Single- and Multi-Step Image Enlargement for Medical Image Coding

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 2 ]


Mohammad Reza Khosravi*   Pages 86 - 87 ( 2 )


Background: Some interpolators cannot be used in an image magnification problem in a freely scalable form. For instance, when we want to magnify an image to a 16-time bigger scale, some interpolators have to do this process in two steps including two 4-time magnification steps, however, some are able to do it directly.

Materials and Methods: For generating data of this study, MATLAB as a simulator has been used. Bi-; Linear (BL) and Cubic Convolution (CC) interpolators are the two applied re-samplers in the reconstruction of digital images.

Results: Data shows that the performance of both free-size interpolators (BL and CC) is obviously different in both direct and indirect pixel reconstruction.

Conclusion: The acquired data shows a less error in the condition of direct interpolation. The relative results of experiments are different from the type of core interpolators (BL and CC).

Single-, and, Multi-Step, Image, Enlargement, for, Medical, Image, Coding


Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz

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