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Speckle Noise Reduction Using Ant Colony Based Gabor Filter Methodology for Improved Fetal Parameter Estimation of US Images


Hari Krishnan P*  


This paper puts forth an innovative methodology for measuring fetal volume segmented using Ultrasound (US) images. Mostly, the US images are prone to speckle pattern of noise signals along with some small quantity of artifacts. The process of segmentation and subsequently, the measurements of various fetal parameters were highly affected because of the above noise patterns. The proposed methodology, Ant Colony-based Gabor filtering aims for better quality of segmentation of the US images, thereby a well demarcated image with different regions are yielded. Existing methods use conventional noise removal techniques which are one way or the other could lead to image data loss. In this method, the Gabor filtering process was hybridized with Ant Colony Algorithm for better de-speckling to yield better output images for improved segmentation and fetal parameter measurement.


Ant Colony Algorithm, Fetal, image processing, Speckle Noise, segmentation, Ultrasound, Gabor filtering.


Department of EEE, Anna University, Regional Campus-Coimbatore, Coimbatore

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